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Bathroom Mirror Frame

Learning how to frame a bathroom mirror can allow you to create a custom mirror for any bathroom in the house. Whether your mirror is permanent or movable, there are numerous options for framing the mirror.

When framing a mirror yourself, you have two options for the mirror type: those that are permanently mounted on the wall and that which you can move.

Mounting a flat mirror on the wall allows you to make a permanent frame right around it. Tile or wooden molds are attached to the wall around it, not the mirror itself, and form a frame. This technique is advantageous if the remaining portion of the wall is tiled or if you know you will not be moving or changing the mirror anytime soon.

A moving framed mirror glass places it in a very frame that looks much like a framed picture. Wooden slats are grooved to fit within the glass, the corners of the frame are stapled or glued, and the mirror can be moved from wall to a different at any time.

Bathroom Mirror Frame

Before framing your mirror, you need to know what type of mirror you are after and how you need the finished product to look. Mount the mirror on the wall and start framing it from the most effective with the top of part of the tile or the wooden formwork. Work sideways from top to bottom, bottom to center. Tiles or moldings should rest against the edge of the mirror; Apply paint tapes to the edge of the mirror before sprinkling the tile adhesive on the wall to prevent scratching the glass.

Tiles or wood are attached to the wall with glue or nails; make certain the frame is thick enough to accommodate both glass and any gaps that have to be attached from the wall.


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